My Second home away from home.

You would know that my second home is Victoria, BC. I am entering my second year of my post secondary education and I am excited yet scared at the same time. But what made me fell in love with Vancouver Island was the small city vibe that I always wanted. I’ve always enjoy exploring new places that this country has to offer. You can say that I have a slight craving of wanderlust. Being born and raised in the biggest city in Western Canada has its ups and down. Traffic can be crazy but everything is so close that I don’t need to go far for anything. I know Vancouver will always be in my heart but I feel that maybe one day I will move somewhere like Vancouver Island and enjoy it. Both of these two places where I call home have a unique atmosphere that you can never find anywhere else. Vancovuer is great because you can go snowboard and hit the beach on the same day. You can stroll along the Stanley Park seawall and catch the ocean. Vancouver Island gives it a small community feel. I love how I am able to enjoy these views everyday and have been fortunate and lucky to stay on the West Coast because you can never beat the views that British Columbia has to offer.  Here are some shots that I have taken earlier this year. My school is located a 10 minute walk from the beach. There is a little grocery store, a Starbucks and other things you can find. But the fact that I am a 10 minute walk away from the beach make me happy. I was even tanning on the beach in the middle of March while my friends on the mainland couldn’t do any of that.


I am so grateful to call Vancouver Island my second home and since I am going to be living on the island in the next 4 years, I am going to explore the rest of the Island like places like Tofino, Parksville, The Gulf Islands, Campbell Rivers, Sidney and other places on Vancouver Island. This place is truly amazing, and I suggest anyone who wants an adventure to take a ferry to the Island and check out what is there to offer.

Anyways until next time, I will catch you on the flip side.



Disclaimer: All photographs taken were all copyrighted by bmcheong photography. For more information about the photographs, please contact me.


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