Grinding for school

Hello everyone, Today’s Back to School post talks about grinding for school. This term is used a lot when you are working non-stop on your school assignments. I know majority of you are enjoying your summer vacation. But many of my friends and I are doing summer semesters for many reasons. I like to be … More Grinding for school

Seattle Day 3

  Last day in seattle! I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves. So we got up at around 8am to get to the Space Needle. We didn’t have time the other days we were in Seattle, so we went the morning we went back to Canada. So we got on the Monorail that takes you … More Seattle Day 3

50 questions tag

Who doesn’t love tags? I love filming tag videos and posting some tag post on my tumblr and my blog. So why not do another. Stay tuned for next week when I do the Throwback Thursday Tag! Where were you 3 hours ago? At home.¬† Who are you in love with?-¬†Myself. Duh. Have you ever … More 50 questions tag

Seattle Day 2

  Hi everyone. So day two of the trip was a success. So today, we walked around Downtown Seattle. I got some stuff from target and as well as a cardigan sweater from Abercrombie and Fitch (since we don’t have that in BC). But we went up to Everett to go visit the Boeing Factory. … More Seattle Day 2


Hello everyone, if you have been following my twitter and instagram I am in Seattle for a few days. By the time this goes up it will be Monday. So basically I am blogging on Sunday. I am so glad that the hotel that I am staying at is right in the middle of Downtown … More Seattle!