This or that tag (Beauty Edition)



So every week, I will do a tag question post. This tag is the infamous tag the This or that. So shall we begin? Lets go!

This or That TAG!

blush or bronzer – Bronzer hands down because I can define my facial features like my jaw line the temples of my head
lip gloss or lipstick – Lipgloss, the ones I use are moisturizing and it is a plus for me.
eye liner or mascara – That is a hard one for me because I wear both. I’ll say eyeliner just because I have natural long lashes.
foundation or concealer – Concealer to hide my zombie looking spots on my face
neutral or color eye shadow – Neutrals hands down. Don’t want to look like a clown.
pressed or loose eye shadows – Pressed eye shadow is a lot easier for me. Then again if its pressed, you and make it loose
brushes or sponges – Brushes, it gets to areas that sponges or hands can even get to.Nails:
OPI or china glaze – OPI nail polishes are good.
Long or short – I don’t know!!! I keep my maintained well enough that I am able to grab things. So maybe short?
Acrylic or natural – I’ve never tried acrylics, so I’m going with natural.
Brights or darks – Depending on the season ofc. Spring/Summer brights. Darks in the Fall and Winter.
Flower or no flower – No flower. Don’t usually put one on anyways.

perfume or body splash. Body splashes are refreshing
lotion or body butter – Body butter makes everything smooth.
body wash or soap – Body wash because sometimes it smells good.
lush or other bath company – Lush hands down has the best stuff.

jeans or sweat pants – Comfort over fashion. Sweatpants!
long sleeve of short – Depending on the weather.
dresses or skirts – Dresses 🙂
stripes or plaid – Im a stripes type of girl
flip flops or sandals – Sandals are perfect for anything.
scarves or hats – I’d say scarves since I own a handful of them
studs or dangly earrings. Studs, it just makes it easier on me.
necklaces or bracelets – I’m a huge necklace type of girl.
heels or flats. Depending on the occasion. Again, comfort over fashion so flats.
cowboy boots or riding boots – Riding boots looks perfect to dress up and down.
jacket or hoodie – LOL that is hard because I have a huge collection of jackets and hoodies. Can I say both?
forever 21 or charlotte russe – We don’t have charlotte russe in Canada so Forever 21.
abercombie or Hollister – Oh back to the LG days. Hollister haha.
saks 5th or nordstrom. – We don’t have both of those stores in Canada but we are getting a Nordstrom in Vancouver within the next couple of years. Its pretty much like a Holt Renfrew I guess. So Nordstrom.

curly or straight – Straight. But Curly looks good too
bun or ponytail – LOL BOTH when I want to get my hair out of the way.
bobby pins or butterfly clips – Bobby pins are the easiest to use.
hair spray or gel – Hair spray to hold my hair in place.
long or short – Eh I’d say medium length is good
light or dark – I prefer a little bit of colour in my hair since its dark.
side sweep bangs or full bangs. Side sweep bangs, because I’m known for it.
up or down – LOL what? Doesn’t matter.

Rain or shine – LOL not too hot please.
Summer or winter – Summer
Fall or spring – That’s hard because those are my favourite months of the year.
Chocolate or vanilla – Vanilla. I was never a chocolate person.
East coast or west coast – WEST COAST REPRESENT!

That is the this or that tag. If you have any song suggestions, leave it in the comment section below.  As well,  tomorrow’s post will be a fun one! Its the Back to School Series: Dorm Room. I will be talking about living on campus, the food, the parities and how it changed my life. Stay tuned! I also have a Dorm room tour on my youtube so go check it out! Please follow my social media sites at twitter and instagram: @brigittemegan and my tumblr

Until next time, catch you on the flip side.




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