What your mother doesn’t tell you about: Finding yourself


Dear self,

I know how confused and frustrated with everything that has been happening for the two years. You have always felt lost, you have always wanted to do things, but could never figure out how. To be honest, you are different than you used to be and you should be proud of yourself. You have gone through things that no person should ever experience. You have become fearless and outspoken because you are not afraid of your fears. I am here to tell you that everything is okay.

Take time for yourself. It’s okay to give yourself breaks and treat yourself. Go on a road trip, explore new places and make sure you go off-roading with Buzz the Jeep. This is the time where you can make your head and figure things out.

You’re a lot confident than you think you are. Not many people share what you have. What you have is unique, so you better keep it. Be authentic, do not change for anyone else. Always listen to your heart and follow your gut feelings. They are 99% correct.

Always love yourself. Who cares if you don’t find “the one.” There is absolutely no such thing. Always put yourself first before anyone else. Went that person comes around, they will do whatever it takes to win your heart. Don’t chase them, just chase your goals and dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you make wrong decisions, just get back up and keep fighting. You are not the quitter, you are the go-getter. You are the fighter, so keep those boxing gloves on and keep punching!

Do what you love. You will never have to apologize and explain what you love because it makes you happy. You will never find happiness exclusively from other people, rather you have to start by being happy with your own self.

Repeat after me: You are a survivor, you are a warrior, you are B. You are the strongest person who will take anything and work with it. Despite all the obstacles that you have ever faced, you have gone through it all. Not many people have gone through what you have gone through, and it is okay if they do not understand. Those who have been there since the beginning will be there at the finish line. You have defeated many people in your life that you have become an independent, confident, and the goof you’re today.

Promise me one thing, be fearless no matter what. Do not let anyone change you, and make it happen.

Future B.


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