Blogging with a purpose

Creating content may seem to be natural to the naked eye, but when you actually sit down and thinking of ideas of blog or film about can be challenging. My niche: lifestyle (via my everyday experiences, traveling, healthy eating, sports, etc., ) and technology have not only given me opportunities to not limit what I talk about on my blog, but rather I am able to expand and express myself to the fullest extent. It is unbelievable how many people I’ve met since starting my Tumblr ( back in high school, to starting my own actual blog ( Blogging is a way to not only showcase your passions and interests, but blogging is also a platform to talk about social issues, sharing useful information or show your passion for writing.

If you have been following on my social media sites, you would know that I was on my friend’s Facebook Live a couple weeks ago talking about many issues. Here is the link:

I want to remind my readers that this is a platform to talk about any issues, and that there is no right or wrong answer. We all have our opinions, and that we should respect others opinions as they would do the same as well. Blogging is a place to share ideas, create content, and be a part of this amazing way of interaction with people from your social networks to across the world. I hope you take advantage of it, and I can’t wait to talk more about content creating soon.





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