22 things I learned at 22

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m 22. Okay on the serious note, 22 isn’t that old at all.

  1. Learn to put yourself as a priority, people will understand (Hopefully): I am guilty of being there right away for my friends that I forget to put myself first.
  2. Screw this get your dream car: Am I still dreaming or what? Getting the dream car at 21, and do it without my parents knowing for 4 months was a huge accomplishment. Yes, my parents had no idea for the longest time. Don’t regret a thing at all. PS. Mom and Dad, I did get the 4 door and not the 2 door. Give me props for that 😉
  3. The ones who have been there for you since day one will make an effort no matter the circumstances: This one is self-explanatory.
  4. To continue to do what makes you happy: Who cares what people think about you. Going back to #3, will support you and understand you.
  5. Don’t over think things: Still working on #5, but I need to remember to take it day by day.
  6. Always follow your gut feeling: It works 99% of the time, and it has saved you from tough situations. Just do it, you’ll thank yourself later.
  7. It’s okay to not know what you want: Things are set in stone, make your own plans a reality. The rest will follow later.
  8. It’s okay to stress, but not too much: It doesn’t matter how much you stress, things will happen and somehow work itself out.
  9. Always be loyal: Follow your morals and be faithful to those around you. They will do the same. If not, ditch them.
  10. Don’t bottle your emotions: I’m 110% guilty of this. Especially when my anxiety takes over. You learn who to trust, and hide certain things from certain people. If they understand you and take the time to listen, they’re golden.
  11. Live fearlessly: Always be adventurous and be a rebel.
  12. You’re gonna lose a lot of friends: It really hurts when one of your close friends turns their back on you. You end up moving to another place, you make new friends, and end up growing farther apart. There have been many nights that, I’ve cried myself to sleep because I’m scared that everything that I’ve told that person could be exposed. I guess that is something, I’m going to have to live through.
  13. Smile more: People tell me all the time, I look like I’m angry half the time and that I need to smile more. It’s not easy to have a tough looking face. I’m working on it haha.
  14. When you get pushed down, you get back up: You just need to keep grinding and fighting. Do what you can’t do, and push yourself to your limits.
  15. Don’t settle for less: This is self-explanatory.
  16. Never go to bed mad: You want to come home from where ever you are feeling excited that you get to crash to sleep for hours. PS. Anyone tries to wake me up, good luck.
  17. Doing things at the last minute: You get super busy and end up doing things last minute. You work well under pressure, and you learn how to time manage somehow. It just happens that way.
  18. I learn how to open up to people: This is a work in progress. But I’m getting there.
  19. Live in the moment: Still a work in progress, but I am learning how to take things day by day. I’ll still have my minor panic attacks when I’m absolutely lost.
  20. Let go of bad experiences: Even though bad experiences have shaped the present you, let go of the past.
  21. Be Blessed with the people that bring you favourite food: The key to my heart is ice cream and slurpees. PS you know who you are 😉
  22. Pace yourself when you drink a lot: This is how you try to avoid hangovers the next morning. If its at a music festival, pace yourself and mentally prepare yourself at least one month advance. Your body will thank you later 🙂


Well thats a wrap, catch you guys on the flip side! Cheers to being 22!



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