So a couple weeks ago, I got a personal message on one of my social about trying balancing school and running my social media accounts. The reader did ask specifically ask about running my blog as well. I’ve been blogging since I’ve been a teen, but I did start this blog a couple years ago, … More Balance

The daunting question

So lately, I’ve been asked similar questions over and over again. It’s not just my parents that have been asking, but rather society has asked similar questions when someone is towards their end of their undergraduate career. It goes like this, “So what are you doing to do after you graduate?” “Do you have an … More The daunting question

November reflections

It’s that time of year again! I’m always running from meeting to meeting, rushing to the gym, continually hearing the tapping of my keyboard, and trying to catch my breath. I honestly cannot believe that this semester is almost over, and I’m already freaking out about next semester. In the back of my mind, I’ve … More November reflections


   There’s always a side that you don’t want to show to the world. I’ve been keeping my problems inside a bottle for so long that I don’t even know how to express myself. Ever since I was a kid, people would tell me “you can’t do this because.” I’ve been given many reasons like, … More Anxiety 

August Craziness

Hello! Yes I am alive! And sorry for the lack of post. August is has been insane so far, and its going to get even insane. I’ll give you guys an update.  So I am almost finish with my summer classes. I am currently working on my last assignment, studying for my final and etc. … More August Craziness