19 things to do

  I turned 19 years old 2 months ago. And I wish I thought about this idea back then but hey its good to set goals for yourself. Well here are my 19 goals that I have set for myself during my time being 19. Where I am from (Vancouver, BC, Canada), you are pretty … More 19 things to do

100 questions tag

I feel like I should do at least one tag questions post a week so you guys can get to know me better. Ya ready? Leggo!   BONUS JONAS QUESTION: something that happened to you in middle school. – I didn’t have middle school where I’m From. It went from elementary K-7 and high school … More 100 questions tag

June 2014 FAQ

It’s FAQ Time. Each month I will sit down and look at some questions that have been submitted through my social media sites. So I’m going to answer those questions. LEGGO! 1) How many piercings and/or tattoos do you have and do you plan on getting more? I currently have 4 piercings, both on my … More June 2014 FAQ