So a couple weeks ago, I got a personal message on one of my social about trying balancing school and running my social media accounts. The reader did ask specifically ask about running my blog as well. I’ve been blogging since I’ve been a teen, but I did start this blog a couple years ago, to keep my creativity and all that jazz. It was an extension to my personal posts from my own Tumblr page. Its not easy to balance a blog while going to school full time, being at work full time, and balancing out my social life. There have been times where I had to turn a friend down because I needed to sit in front of my computer to blog because I had a million things coming out of my head.

I know the semester and the school year is about to end for me, but it is important to me that I engage with my readers with content. There is only a short amount of time during the day, but I feel that I am at peace when I am writing about any of my topics. I also have been asking why do I write a lifestyle blog, rather than focus on a particular niche? Going back to my roots, I’ve always written about my personal experiences and give people my advice on my experiences because I feel that there is someone out there who is in the same boat as me, and wouldn’t know how to handle a situation. I can pick whatever topic that I want to discuss, and if people aren’t interested in a certain topic, its okay. We all have our personal interests. But it is great to diversify your content to get a wider audience.

Other than that, I know I haven’t been posting or work on the blog as much as I would like. But I am going to find time to write as much as I can. The next couple of months will be crazy for me, but I am excited to share with what I am up to and create amazing content during the summer! Anyways, follow me on Instagram @brigittemegan and my Snapchat: hanktothedank to see what I am up to.

Until next time, I’ll talk to you soon!

Brigitte 🙂


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